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NETALL Sp. z o.o. of Warsaw [hereinafter “Company” or “”], an owner of, respects users’ right to privacy. The Company protects personal data of the users and applies adequate technological solutions to prevent any third party’s interference in the users’ privacy.
The Company cares that every web surfer, which uses the Company’s services or visits the Company’s web pages, feels safe; to ensure the foregoing, there are user registration and login systems in place. Upon registration, a web surfer gains access to full range of functionalities, including in-house mail service, possibility of placing the surfer’s own presentations, obtaining a “patron” status at, or participating in rankings and contests, as well as other functionalities.
Registration with is optional.


Registration vs. personal data
In the registration form of, a log-in, an e-mail, a password, and an account type must be provided. To open a fake account, the details above are sufficient.
A phone number is never among mandatory details to be provided.
Some users might need to provide additional data on a mandatory basis.
Where “Female”, “Male”, or “Group” is selected, the following data must be provided: first and family names (and, in addition: name and address of a company, institution, or group), address (street name and address, flat number), postal code, city/town name, date of birth, and account number. Where a user is under age, the following pre-approved statement is displayed: “I hereby that I am under age and I will sent a relevant consent from my parent or guardian to validate my declarations of will (decisions) whenever required, to the following address:”.
Optional is also the field with social networking site addresses.

Personal data collection
As far as personal data are concerned that are collected during the service registration process, the Company satisfies the requirements specified in the Act of 29 August 1997 on Personal Data Protection, and in the Regulation by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration on personal data processing documentation and technical and organisational conditions which should be fulfilled by devices and computer systems used for the personal data processing. As regards the collection of personal data gathered during the service registration process, we hereby inform that the registration process is in progress. The Company ensures subsequent verification, modification, or removal of personal data to each and every registered user, who has completed a registration form or has otherwise provided the access to the user’s personal data.

Technical data collection (cookies)
In addition to the registration form, users’ personal data may be also collected for the purpose of contests and delivery of other services through The user’s consent to having the user’s personal data processed for marketing purposes by is voluntary. Each and every user has the right to access and amend their data. Upon the user’s consent, the Company processes the user’s data, among others, to send out promotional and informational materials, offer products, and conduct market research surveys or opinion polls. The said data help the Company define the users’ preferences and thus to improve the Company’s offer. Moreover, the Company uses information about the users to streamline the Company’s organizational efforts, for the Company informs that the Company processes personal data as part of the initiative, unless the said data is processed as part of other web sites maintained for other entities in which case the Company only provides data processing services to administrators.

Cookies are yet another method employed by the Company to collect certain information about the users. Cookies are pieces of text information sent by a server and stored on the user’s page. The Company uses cookies for automatic identification of the user via the server, generation of a page dedicated for the user, web site personalization, and handling log-in and payment operations.
Cookie files are also used by the Company for the following purposes:
- statistics (preparation of statistical analysis for the Company’s in-house needs or as part of the Company’s cooperation with contracting parties, including advertisers);
- placement of ads on; mainly to avoid a repeated delivery of the same ad to any recipient, and to ensure ads are presented in a way conformant to the recipients’ interests.
Cookies are set during entering and exiting a given web site. No cookie destroys or affects the user’s computer system, or causes modification of users’ end devices setup or software. No cookie can serve to establish the user’s identity. Every user has the right to reject to having cookies stored on their end device. To disable cookies, use a relevant option in your web browser.

Undesirable content does not support any content that violates Polish and/or international laws, including in particular any content propagating racial, religious, or ethnic hatred. Furthermore, will not tolerate any pornographic and/or morally reprehensible content, or anything generally deemed unethical.

Mail services and homepages
The Company does not send spam e-mails to the accounts. We attach information on new services, web pages, and contests available from, as well as information valuable for web surfers to e-mails messages that are sent to our users. The Company requires the web surfers neither to place any element on their homepages that fails to match design aesthetics of such page, nor advertisement banners or texts, except the logotype (logo) of
Important: we use cookies on our pages.
We use information supplied by cookies or other similar technologies, among others for advertising and statistical purposes, as well as to tailor our websites to individual needs of our users. Cookies may also be used by advertisers, research companies and multimedia application providers cooperating with us. Cookies settings may be changed in your web browser. Using our websites without changing cookies settings means they will be saved in the device’s memory. For more i
nformation, please see above.


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