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Poland's largest social network for artists, enthusiasts and patrons of the arts
under the honorary patronage of the Minister of Education


How does a work player work at
Our player starts an auto-loading process as soon as you enter any particular work of any of the artists available through the portal.

I have forgotten my password, how can I recover it?
Click the “Remind password” button on the right side of the portal homepage and follow directions.


What for to register at
To view works of splendid authors (artists) representing thirteen categories: music & singing; dance; film and animation; acting; photography; painting, drawing, graphics; sculpture; industrial design; prose & poetry; visage; architecture; modelling; and scenarios); to be able to post your works for whatever reason; to be noticed by other web surfers, including your potential employees; to have a career as an artist; to earn money on your works; to become a patron of the arts by sponsoring other authors (artists); to experience great moments; and to win a lot of prizes.

How can I register at
Click the “Registration” button in the upper central part of the portal homepage, and follow directions.

Are there any age or nationality requirements for registration at
No, there are no such requirements, but you need to be of age to perform certain operations, otherwise you need to obtain your parent’s/legal guardian’s consent.

Can I register without posting, or becoming a patron for any work?
Yes, of course you can.

Can persons under age earn money on their works?
Yes, they can, but they need to obtain their parent’ or legal guardian’s consent.

What happens if I have no account?
Should this be the case, you need to contact the administrator at


Does personal data of registered users remain confidential?
Yes, it does. The data is for the portal to get to know its users better and be able to satisfy their needs. The data will not be forwarded to any third person at any time.
If the user agrees to receive a newsletter from, the user thereby agrees to receive offers from the portal and portal’s partners receive the user’s e-mail address for the same purposes.
You can access and modify your personal data at any time (only if you are a registered user) by clicking the “My profile” button on the upper left part of the page visible after logging in, and by following instructions.

What is my profile?
The profile contains your personal data, set of works, functionality allowing any work to be added, information concerning patronage (your patronage for any works, other user’s patronage for your works), information on other users who visited your profile, and provides access to the portal in-house e-mail services and to your friends from the portal, detailed profile description:
- artworks (own and external profile) : a collection of his or somebody else's works,
- patronage (own and external profile) your works under somebody's patronage and somebody's works under your patronage,
- events (own and external profile) : description of your artistic events,
- Favorites (own and external profile) : favorite artists,
- Blog (own profile) their own blogs ,
- Friends (own and external profile) : own or someone else's friends ,
- Gallery (own and external profile) private photos ,
- My collection (own and external profile) : your favorite works on,
- About me (own and external profile) : description of myself,
- Contact (own and external profile) your available forms of contact,
- Messages (own and external profile) : messages received by internal post,
- Achievements (own and external profile) : your or someone else's achievements.

Why is it worth receiving a newsletter?
Via its newsletter, the portal informs you of new artists (artworks), events connected with the portal and artists, news and recent developments on the portal, new options and functionalities, future actions, portal’s undertakings, competitions, and many other things.
The newsletter allows the users of to keep in touch and build a true community of people sensitive to the arts.



In summary, what is TALENT.PL? is an independent web initiative that has led to the creation of the first web portal in Poland allowing people talented in certain fields or professions (music & singing; dance; film & animation; acting; photography; painting, drawing, graphics; sculpture; industrial design; prose & poetry; visage; architecture and modelling) to present themselves to all web users, through their audio, video, or audio-video works. allows both individuals and corporate bodies to view and search for talented persons to employ them later on, to provide patronage for works make available by authors through the portal, or just to admire the talented persons’ skills.

Artist (Author)
An artist is a registered user of the portal, who posted (uploaded) on the portal at least one of their audio, video, or audio-video works in categories or professions specified at the portal, who is seeking an employer or a possibility to become known in their field.

A patron is a registered user of the portal, who chose to present or promote themselves by providing support to their favourite authors (artists) through the portal. As soon as the patron makes a payment for any artwork(s), the patron receives an official name of a “Patron of the arts” in the patron’s profile, and participates in the “Patrons of the arts" subpage. The Patron’s minimum payment is (PLN) 100.00 (one hundred) zlotys.

Why is it worth placing your works on
By placing their work(s) on, the artist starts to be promoted in various ways through the portal. In particular, the artist may: present themselves to other web surfers on the portal; find their future employer, who will either offer an employment contract to the artist or cooperate with the artist in the field of the artist’s profession; get to know other talented people for all sort of private and professional purposes; sell their works or purchase works from others; compete in rankings with other similar users; etc…

What file formats are acceptable for works to be posted on
The acceptable formats include specifically: .mp3, .wma, .waw, .mpg, .mov, .avi, .mp4, .wmv, .gif, .jpg, .png, .flv, and .f4v.

Why is it worth providing patronage for someone else’s artworks?
Providing patronage for works allows the patron to: pay money for their favourite authors (artists) in order to, on the one hand, make the artists noticeable, and, on the other hand, present themselves as the Patron of the arts; participate in patron rankings and go up in the portal’s hierarchy; become noticeable in the portal; win interesting prizes in competitions dedicated to patrons; establish interesting contacts through

Why is it worth purchasing a paid account?
Paid accounts extend the scope of authorization of users registered on the portal. For detailed description of account types available from , see “Types of accounts at” below.

How does in-house e-mail system work?
In particular, the mail service allows the portal users to: meet new people; enter into contact and cooperate with each other; exchange their contact details; receive information of the artists, portal, changes to, if any, and projects carried out by the portal; receive information that the portal artists have signed agreements with their new employers found via; and information about various competitions, including competitions that promote artists from

Why is it worth having an artist’s sub-page on the portal?
An own sub-page of the artist, i.e. a person who posted at least one their work, is the artist’s private space on the portal, where the artist gathers their artistic work, information about themselves, information about patrons, if any, other private tidbits that are of any value to the artist. The user may communicate their sub-page address to any third party, in their efforts to show or promote themselves.

Do I lose my copyright in artworks posted on
You do not.
Polish laws are not adequately adapted to clearly indicate what specific wording should be used in web portal regulations to allow Works to be posted with copyrights remaining always with the Author.
As far as copyrights are concerned, Polish judicial decisions show that the acceptance of the regulations alone is insufficient to duly transfer an author’s economic rights; for such transfer to be effected, a relevant separate agreement is necessary.
All this is to emphasize that in no case becomes an owner of its users’ works but just acquires a non-exclusive right to present and promote such works.

Types of accounts available on
Silver Account – free account that essentially permits to use any functionality offered by, including in particular viewing and posting works, participating in votes and competitions not reserved for paid account users, sending and receiving massages via the portal, and selecting one’s favourite works.
Gold Account
- gross PLN 4.92 for 1 month; wire transfer/card payments will be accepted;
- gross PLN 11.07 for 3 months; wire transfer/card payments will be accepted;
- gross PLN 23.37 for 6 months; wire transfer/card payments will be accepted;
The Gold Account offers services ensured by the Silver Account and, in addition, allows its holder to highlight the holder’s works on the portal homepage, “Gold Account” section, free of charge for 15 days after the work placement date, as well as to place the user's profile  in the newsletter every two weeks, allows its holder to automatically participate in the selection of the Artist of the day and to have its profil in the subpage “Gold accounsts” in the page Users.


How does the ‘Qadrans Qltury -’ competition work?
Once a month, in the Qadrans Qltury - competition, from among the users, who wish to have their works promoted in the Qadrans Qltury tv series on TVP INFO ad TVP WARSZAWA channels, one person is selected based on votes of Qadrans Qltury and crews, for the Qadrans Qltury episode. To participate in the competition, you need to select 1 work of yours and submit it between midnight of the first Tuesday in a month and midnight of the last day of the month (this time is necessary to select a winner).
Links to Qadrans Qltury - programmes are available from, in-house e-mail system,, the “Media about us” subpage at
Any person willing to promote their works as part of the competition in the¬ Qadrans Qltury series, must:
- be registered with,
- log in to,
- enter their work which is to be submitted for competition,
- click the “submit for the Qadrans Qltury episode” button and wait until the winner is announced (on or
A relevant Qadrans Qltury episode presents a winner along with his/her winning artwork and other creations.
To increase your chance, please complete your profile (“About me” section”) on


What else does offer to autopromote the users? invites you to go the price list (available from the “Advertising” subpage) which offers the following promotion services to users :
- purchase of square (tile) modules on the homepage,
- “Artist of the day” box,
- announcement (notice board),
- highlighting artworks,

- ad in the newsletter.



What happens if a dispute arises over ownership of any artwork? has no rights / authority to resolve any disputes between the users, specifically those arising out of, or in connection with the ownership of works posted on Every registered user of accepts the Regulations thereby assuring that the user is an owner of a work(s) posted by the user.
The role of is particularly to ensure that no user posts a work in which no rights are held by such user; however, cannot, whether arbitrarily or based on ambiguous evidence (e.g. users’ chats on, user’s descriptions in any e-mail, etc.), take any further steps. is not a party to such disputes; users only are parties to such disputes.
In the event of any prolonged conflict between users, involving the ownership of any work, the users are required, firstly, to resolve the dispute (with no participation of and, secondly, to notify of the dispute resolution by sending relevant evidence at to unambiguously confirm the ownership title to the work. will then act according to the content of a document(s) so received.
I the event of a dispute, provisions of the Civil Code and the Copyright Act. cannot take any further steps where the aforesaid (unambiguous and final) evidence is not provided.

Can I post covers?
No, you can only post own works on There are certain exceptions, in particular are permissible works of: classical music, opera, ballet ( and all similar), jazz and blues standards, music mixes based on other people's songs, someone's tracks in instrumental version , replicas of paintings, using others designs in the craft art etc.
Exacerbations relate primarily to the category Music and singing

Covers to 30 seconds are however acceptable.

 How to start a blog ?
In order to set up a blog, send an e -mail to entering your nickname and the title of the blog.

What is the gallery (photos) ?
A place where every registered user can post their personal and work-related photos and share them with the community.

How to chat with another user ?
Nothing simpler, simply log in, go to your profile on the sub " Friends " and click " Talk " .

Why are not accepted my artworks in the category "Poetry and Prose" ?
Do not include in the above category images, only text.

What gives patronage at ?
Due to the social nature of, each registered user may promote himself by paying for his favorite artwork/s (patron of the arts) any amount of money (at least PLN 100), which will be forwarded immediately to the author of the artwork, eg in order to his further development.
The artwork will be highlighted with a ribbon " under the patronage" and will be located in the top menu in the patrons subpage.
Patrons will be visible in your profile for you and everyone on


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