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author: roma_r
visits: 581 TALENT!: 1
joined: 20/06/2013
author: joanna1977
visits: 48 TALENT!: 1
joined: 31/07/2018
Sąd ostateczny.
author: joanna1977
visits: 57 TALENT!: 2
joined: 31/07/2018
Wspomnienie wiosny..
author: marek-jakub-andrzej_wp_pl
visits: 837 TALENT!: 4
joined: 24/03/2013
Życie jak corrida. P...
author: juleross
visits: 649 TALENT!: 2
joined: 04/01/2016
Jak zmotywować się d...
author: beshop
visits: 1171 TALENT!: 0
joined: 29/12/2013
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